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Swift measures or a long-term strategy – what’s the best way to navigate HR?

It’s important that the HR organisation develop strategic initiatives to set the future direction. But it can be easy to get caught up in how things have always been done, and administrative HR tasks are often prioritised based on urgent needs and detailed models.

The HR organisation is often expected to lay the foundation for a good working climate, regulatory compliance and strong employer branding. Despite this, conventional administrative HR tasks are often prioritised based on urgent needs and detailed models. Making the strategic shift from administrative tasks to strategic initiatives with an underlying business benefit and cost awareness can be difficult and isn’t something that happens by itself.

In the pursuit of continuous improvement, increased quality and lower costs, it’s important to look at conventional HR tasks and develop the strategic initiatives that set the future direction, i.e. where your company wants to be as an employer and how it wants to operate. This involves everything from how salaries are set to meet the company’s aims and how the administrative processes are optimised and quality assured to how negotiations are handled so that both parties feel there is a mutual gain, or at least acceptance. It may also involve how dismissals are handled so that the individual finishes the conversation with a positive image of the employer.

Reduce time thieves

By actively striving to reduce everyday time thieves, creating more efficient processes and increasing digitalisation, time can instead be used to create benefits and sustainability for the future. Efficiency isn’t about doing as much as possible in a short time, but instead about doing the right things that genuinely make a difference. Often it’s a case of priorities and of making strategic decisions about where resources will be most effective. What can we do today that will improve conditions tomorrow?

Seek advice for complex issues

Generally speaking, there’s always time that can be saved and quality that can be improved in all conventional HR tasks. This is why it’s always a good idea to have someone to brainstorm with so as to move forward together. Labour law, negotiations, dismissals and changeovers can, for example, be tough, complex and difficult to manage by yourself, whether or not the manager is experienced or has trained as an HR specialist. What’s more, it can be easy to get caught up in the way things have always been done, without keeping abreast of the changes happening all around. Systems evolve, regulations change and people in the labour market are affected by social progress. It’s not always easy to adapt at the same rate that changes are happening.

Make a plan

What is your plan for facing the future? What strengths, expertise and resources do you possess and what are you in need of to take on this exciting journey with the goal in mind? Make sure to make a plan for the future. 

Azets is knowledgeable about HR

At Azets we’re here to assist, drive and challenge you along the way, be it labour law, working environment, negotiations, managerial support, system solutions or another aspect of HR. We are also specialists in conventional HR administration, such as agreements, processes, system solutions, recruitment and staff handbooks, and we can free up your time so that you can spend more time on strategic initiatives if that is where you identify your driving forces. We are ready to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us or read more about our HR services.