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Establish Business in Sweden
Establish Business in Sweden

Establish Business in Sweden

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Accounting Services
Accounting Services

Accounting Services

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Payroll & HR

Payroll & HR

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Kundcase Nippon Gases

Outsourcing was an easy choice for Nippon Gases

When it comes to payroll, it's crucial to have the right expertise to manage collective agreements, regulations, and laws. Nippon Gases didn't have that expertise in-house, and that's where Azets came into the picture.

Kundcase kajakspecialisten

Kajakspecialisten can now focus on their core business.

They didn't have the time or expertise to handle accounting themselves, and it had become a significant source of stress. With Azets' assistance, they can now feel confident that their finances are being managed correctly and on time, allowing them to dedicate more time to their core business.

lönetjänster som funkar

The feeling when your payroll administration works

Payroll is a complicated area that often requires high level of competence and a lot of time. With a modern approach to payroll administration you get better data flows, more effective methods and higher quality, and last but not least more time and resources which you can put into what you do best.

Inhouse är inte alltid bästa lösningen

Inhouse is not always the best solution

Are you considering outsourcing of your accounting? More and more companies are realising that this is the way towards a cost effective and modern accounting function that frees up time for your core business. Azets is the leading provider in the Nordics in outsourcing and we help thousands of companies.

Azets is an international outsourcing and advisory group delivering solutions in accounting, payroll and HR. Our 8.200 colleagues offer a combination of digital and personal service to over 100.000 client in the Nordics and Great Britain. With our expertise and help our clients can focus on what they do best. 

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