International accounting solution

International Accounting Solution

Azets helps companies based in more than one country, both within and beyond the Nordic borders, with all aspects of finance.

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Get assistance from a single point of contact and national support in your local language.



Take control of your finances with a unified business platform and real-time reporting.



Save time and resources with a single provider of services and systems.

Access international expertise continuously with Azets.

International business operations involve thousands of tasks, big and small, including compliance with country-specific legal requirements and systems. We are here to assist you with all of this so that you can focus on looking ahead.

We offer services for all countries within the Nordic region and several others. With a common software, real-time reporting between companies and consultants, and a coordinated multinational team, we connect the countries where you operate. This streamlines communication and information sharing - geographical distance is no longer a hindrance to efficient work. We offer a group-wide finance function to help you reach your goals, while also providing a local overview to meet the national needs at local offices.

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Let Azets handle your international finance - we tie up all the loose ends.

Our international accounting solution is built on robust systems that can handle the operations of both large international companies and small to medium-sized enterprises. We offer services that go beyond mere compliance with local legal requirements and ensure the efficiency of your operations with a unified provider.

We offer you a coordinated cross-border finance function, not just the system and local contacts. We work with common processes and offer all financial solutions.

We specialize in making your business run smoother by streamlining and automating processes, with seamless collaboration between companies and consultants.

In addition to quality control and coordination, we also cover:

  • Record to report: General ledger, fixed assets, inventory management, monthly and annual consolidated financial statements, consolidated reporting (including IFRS), financial reporting, and management commentary.
  • Purchase to pay: Payment process, accounts payable, and handling of purchase invoices.
  • Order to cash: Customer receivables, debt collection, and payment matching.

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Global expertise in a single point of contact

With branches in different countries or located far apart within the same country, you must rely on communication and easy distribution of work. When you need assistance with finance, we offer you a single point of contact with experts who can advise on both the company in general and specific countries' local regulations. By being able to approach one place with inquiries, rather than multiple different partners, you have access to consistent information and help as needed.



What we offer:

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An international solution for your payroll function

Azets also assists companies based throughout the Nordic region with their payroll function. We are experts in local laws and help streamline payroll administration across borders. See our Nordic Payroll solution here.

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