Payroll Provider in the Nordics - Nordic Payroll

Payroll Provider in the Nordics - Nordic Payroll

We are a payroll provider with experts in local laws, and we help streamline your payroll work so it functions across borders.

The Obvious Choice of Payroll Provider in the Entire Nordic Region

Azets can take over the responsibility for all your payrolls in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland - through us, you cover the Nordic region with a single contact. We conduct our operations through our own companies, not through partners.

Having a local presence allows us to have knowledge of the laws and regulations in each country. Working with customers from virtually all industries and sizes, and offering the same services and systems in all the Nordic countries, makes us the obvious choice for all companies with Nordic operations.

Nordisk lönebyrå


With payroll consultants in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland, we are the only contact our customers need to cover the entire Nordic market.

(Erik Bekkåsen, Nordic Payroll)

Ledande lönebyrå i norden




  • Only one contact for the entire Nordic market
  • Only one agreement for the whole of the Nordic region
  • Only one Nordic pricing model
  • Only one service model for the whole of the Nordic region
  • Only one customer portal for the whole of the Nordic region - Azets Cozone
  • Only one Nordic time reporting system
  • Only one Nordic travel expense system




Local Expertise



Adaptable system platform for the entire Nordic region



One service model for the entire Nordic region



Unique and complete solution


First Choice for Payroll Outsourcing

We are the leading payroll provider in the Nordics, offering services in payroll outsourcing. Our unique position allows us to offer a complete range of services and efficient payroll management processes in all countries. To tailor the services perfectly to your organization, we offer both standardized and custom solutions.

Are you tired of spending a lot of time and effort keeping up with all the local laws and regulations? Leave that part to us! We can also provide advice on everything happening in the area, so you can focus on your core business. With our complete range of secure and user-friendly solutions, we make it easy for you - with a system for the Nordic countries. It doesn't get simpler than that.

What We Offer

We Deliver High-Quality Payroll Assistance in the Nordics

We are an ISAE3402-certified payroll provider delivering quality services in payroll management in all the Nordic countries. Quality and efficiency characterize our entire service offering, from implementation to delivery. We have authorized consultants, specially appointed quality officers, and our own quality assurance systems developed to guarantee the delivery of our services to the highest possible standard. So, you can be sure that all payroll-related tasks are handled professionally, allowing you to focus on what you do best.


lönebyrå norden


Everything you need to know about starting a business in Sweden

Starting a business in Sweden doesn’t have to be difficult. We have gathered everything you need to know in this guide.

Download the guide here


We Work with All Types of Customers of All Sizes

We assist both large and small companies from all industries with local expertise. With 20 years of experience in the payroll industry, we have developed a model of best practices with standardized processes. This guarantees efficient payroll management routines for all types of companies.

However, we know from experience that one size does not fit all. Therefore, we are flexible and responsive, meaning we tailor our systems and services to your business.

With 22,000 customers in payroll and accounting, we can confidently say that we know our customers' needs well and know how to meet them.


Stay Updated with Azets Cozone - Our Customer Portal


To make it easy for our customers to access reports and perform payroll work in the simplest way, we have developed a customer portal, Azets Cozone, as support for our outsourcing services.

Azets Cozone provides over 40 different applications in payroll management and accounting and also allows customers to connect to their own systems through Azets Cozone. And the best part - it is a single user interface in all countries.

Lönebyrå cozone system

Azets Cozone is a complete tool developed to make collaboration between our customers and consultants as simple as possible. With Azets Cozone, you can approve time reports for employees in multiple countries, generate reports from companies on different sides of the borders, and share payroll-related information in compliance with GDPR.

With Azets Cozone, you get:

  • All relevant information gathered in one place
  • One system for everything related to payroll
  • One place for payroll specifications
  • One place for time reporting
  • One system for travel expenses and reimbursements
  • One place for reports
  • Secure file sharing that meets GDPR requirements
  • Unified planning of deadlines between different business units


Lönearbete åt basware


"The collaboration has been smooth, and they have handled payroll reporting for us on time and with the expected quality. Azets has responded quickly to our questions and, when needed, escalated the issue internally to their own experts."

Veera Eskelä, HR-chef, Basware

An International Solution for Financial Functions

Azets is not just a payroll provider; we also help companies based in multiple countries with their financial functions. We are experts in different financial systems and help streamline financial functions so that they work across borders.

Read more about International Accounting

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