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Customer case

Azets assists Omron Electronics with accounting and payroll management in Sweden. Read more about the collaboration here.

Early in 2018, Omron Electronics in Finland needed a tax representative for Sweden, along with legal support to ensure compliance with Swedish law. This led to the collaboration with Azets Sweden. Päivi Saarikoski, Nordic Compliance Manager at Omron Electronics in Finland, acknowledges how Azets facilitates Omron Electronics' operations in Sweden.

Azets' responsibilities as Omron Electronics' representative include annual reporting, control reports, employer declarations, and the tax account - an account for paying corporate taxes, employer contributions, and reclaiming VAT.

Azets ensures that all information is submitted to the Swedish Tax Agency and maintains continuous communication with Swedish authorities. Azets also provides Omron Electronics with advice on tax and accounting matters and handles the payroll administration for Omron Electronics' employees in Sweden.

Päivi Saarikoski, Nordic Compliance Manager at Omron Electronics Oy in Espoo, Finland, works regularly and closely with Azets.


What challenges did Omron Electronics face before contacting Azets?

As a foreign individual, I couldn't have a Swedish personal identification number, which meant I couldn't use the e-services of the Swedish Tax Agency. Declaring and reporting with paper documents was a slow process, and we also needed advice on Swedish tax laws.


What tasks does Azets help you with today?

We granted Azets the authorization to report to the Swedish Tax Agency on behalf of Omron Electronics. On a monthly basis, I send VAT declarations, EU sales reports, and employer contributions to our contact at Azets, who submits the information digitally to the Swedish Tax Agency. We also engaged Azets for statutory reporting and tax refunds, which were handled by a CFO at Azets.


What value has the collaboration brought to Omron?

Our team is small, so this collaboration frees up a lot of time for other areas. We also feel confident that our company complies with Swedish laws and norms. I would say the most significant result of Azets' services is that we adhere to Swedish tax laws.


How do you perceive the support and services from Azets?

I can only express my opinion regarding the accounting services, which I find to be prompt and friendly. Communication works perfectly in English. On the payroll side, we also use Azets' customer portal Cozone. It's easy to use and is an efficient way to obtain managers' approval for leave and expenses.


About Omron Electronics

Omron was founded in Japan in 1933 and is a world leader in industrial automation. Omron Electronics' headquarters is located in Kyoto, Japan. The corporate group has more than 37,000 employees in 36 different countries.

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