Payroll administration in Sweden

Payroll administration in Sweden

The leading provider of payroll service in the Nordics. We ensure that your company will have local experts constantly keeping up to date with the latest legislative changes and performing all payroll services.

We help Swedish and international companies with payroll service and HR in the Nordic region.

Azets has extensive experience in assisting Swedish and international companies with all aspects of payroll and HR in the Nordic region. As a provider, we offer payroll administration, consulting, staffing, and outsourcing of entire HR and payroll functions. With Azets' payroll services, your company get a comprehensive solution tailored entirely to your needs.


5 reasons to outsource payroll administration

Dedikerat team löneadministratör

Reduced vulnerability

By outsourcing your company's payroll function, you gain access to a dedicated team of payroll administrators, eliminating concerns about absence, vacation, or personnel changes.

Låt oss sköta löneadministration

Simplicity, clarity, and ease

We offer clear pricing models and streamlined processing, with the possibility of personnel takeover. By outsourcing payroll and/or accounting administration, we become your company's finance assistants, payroll administrators, and HR resources – an outsourcing partner with all-in-one solutions.

Kvalitetssäkrad leverans i våra lönetjänster

Quality-assured delivery

Azets' payroll administrators are experts in laws and regulations related to payroll, pensions, HR, business economics, and taxes. They are ready to provide high-quality financial, tax, and pension advice.

Effektiv hantering av löneadministration

Efficient processing, minimal administration for you

Our clients gain access to Azets' efficient processes and systems, significantly simplifying daily operations. Thanks to our quality method and ISAE 3402 certification, you can feel entirely secure with our payroll services.

Lönetjänster - Väx med oss utan att behöva byta leverantör

Payroll services that offer increased flexibility

Our payroll services are standardized solutions with the possibility of customization based on collective agreements, industries, needs, and preferences, as well as the size and scope of salaries. With our different solutions, you, as a customer, can grow with us without changing service providers, regardless of whether your business operates in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, or any other Nordic country.





Löneadministratör i team


Let an authorized payroll administrator help you

Payroll administration's main task is to manage employees' salaries, but it also involves much more, such as time reports, payroll accounting, and expense reporting. Additionally, it is essential to stay updated on tax regulations to ensure accurate payroll administration. Employment contracts, travel expense reports, tax declarations, and leave applications may fall under payroll administration, and during intense payroll periods, stress for a payroll administrator can increase, leading to potential mistakes.

By using Azets' payroll services, you can benefit from various advantages. Among other things, you get close cooperation with a payroll administrator from Azets, who is part of a larger team. This way, you have several payroll experts ready to assist in payroll administration.


Some payroll services we offer include:

  • Ongoing management of salaries
  • Travel expense and expense management
  • Pension administration and pension analysis
  • Legal consulting
  • Staffing during implementation projects
  • HR work and consulting
  • Sick leave management
  • Salary surveys and payroll process reviews


löneadministration man löneadministratör

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"The collaboration with Azets is spot on. You can tell that the expertise is there, which is very important for us."


Roger Sjöström

Operations Manager, Lutze Conveying Sweden


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Payroll administration - Nordic solutions

Azets is a leading provider of payroll services and finance, offering a unique and complete solution for payroll administration in the Nordic region. We have extensive experience in assisting companies with payroll and financial functions. As a provider, we are financially and strategically strong, as well as experts in local laws and regulations, ensuring peace of mind for you as a customer.


In need of temporary help? - Hire an interim consultant

If you are only looking for temporary reinforcement in the payroll department, you can hire an interim consultant from us.

  • Help with sickness and other absences
  • Additional resources during busy periods
  • Interim solution between employments
  • Flexibility, e.g., part-time assignments


Customized payroll services 

We offer our clients flexibility in terms of system solutions. In our customer portal, Azets Cozone, we have 20 different applications, both in-house and third-party, which we tailor to each client's needs. We can also work in your systems if you prefer.

Through Azets Cozone, our clients have access to Azets Expense. Our very own system solution for travel expenses.


Payroll assistance - Advisory in payroll and HR

Our experienced experts have helped companies through advisory and support for many years. We provide assistance in all tasks related to payroll and HR, from practical payroll administration to guidance and advisory about salaries, contracts, process development and other staff questions.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about how we can assist your company.