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Outsourcing and franchise

The foundation for a successful business collaboration is financial success for both parties. The same applies to franchise partnerships. Having accurate and up-to-date financial control is therefore essential and creates the conditions for the franchisor and franchisee to focus on developing the business's potential.

Having a uniform, quality-assured, efficient, and modern financial administration as part of a franchise concept is therefore necessary. It ensures a sustainable and cost-competitive delivery for the entire system.




We collaborate with FranchiseArkitekt

Therefore, we can provide advice on the best financial solution for your store or chain. Azets is a member of FranchiseArkitekt.




Franchise - Needs and Resources

In most franchise concepts, there are differences between the franchisor's and franchisee's needs and access to resources.

The franchisor often has an organization with full functions that analyze and act on the overall data from the franchise system.

The individual franchisee needs reliable accounting and a partner for their company in a simple and easily accessible way.

With systems and expertise that handle integrations and reports for the franchisor's needs, combined with user-friendly and available cloud solutions and extensive experience in dealing with small businesses, Azets combines these two needs into a unified and scalable solution.

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Efficient Collaboration

With Azets' solutions, a franchise system, its franchisors, and franchisees can benefit from the advantages we have developed over the years.

Efficient collaboration between franchisors and Azets:

  • Efficient financial systems with optimal routines developed over time through extensive experience
  • Integration solutions with cash register systems
  • Invoice scanning and digital document management
  • A defined collaboration format with the purpose of developing relationships and delivery
  • A designated contact person

Efficient management and follow-up with individual franchisees:

  • A dedicated team familiar with the challenges of individual entrepreneurs
  • Azets Cozone - a portal for accessing all web services
  • Web-based management of:
    • Incoming invoices from suppliers
    • Reporting of payroll data
    • Reporting with extensive analysis options
    • Customer invoicing
    • Customized reports at all levels

Customized reports at all levels.

  • Benchmarking reports within the chain
  • Industry-specific reports and analyses
  • Monitoring of waste and cash discrepancies

Overall framework agreements:

  • Fixed-price agreements for individual units
  • Uniform reporting and follow-up

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