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Göthes Bokhandel

Customer case

Göthes Bokhandel has been a customer of Azets since 1990. We spoke with Sven-Erik Johansson, the owner of Göthes Bokhandel, about the collaboration with Azets.


I should have sought help earlier; I don't understand how I managed the administration during the initial period.


Relief and expertise for the franchisee

Sven-Erik Johansson purchased Göthes Bokhandel in Södermalm, Stockholm, back in 1990. For the past 10 years, the bookstore has been a franchise within Akademibokhandeln. Azets has been a part of the entire journey, and gradually, Sven-Erik has chosen to seek more and more assistance with accounting and payroll tasks.

- In the beginning, I only sought help once a month for the monthly financial statements. However, when it was time to change the IT system, I chose to outsource the entire accounting and payroll work. I couldn't keep up on my own, was always stressed, and eventually couldn't manage. I should have sought help earlier because, looking back, I don't understand how I handled the administration during the initial period, says Sven-Erik.


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Sven-Erik Johansson, Owner of Göthes Bokhandel.

- There are also other benefits to having Azets assist us. The risk of errors decreases, and we always have someone who can help us. We don't have to worry about a backup solution, and we feel secure. Additionally, we stay updated on technological advancements as we follow Azets in terms of system solutions, continues Sven-Erik.

- Last but not least, we also gain access to broad expertise. It's soon time for me to pass the baton to my son, and we've received guidance from Azets on how to approach the transfer. I can definitely recommend other companies to collaborate with Azets, concludes Sven-Erik.


About Göthes Bokhandel

Göthes Bokhandel AB is located in Södermalm, Stockholm, and has been a part of Akademibokhandeln since 2013. The bookstore employs 9 people and has an annual turnover of 20 million SEK.




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