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Customer Case

Arval has been a customer of Azets since 2015. We spoke with Johanna Airas, HR Manager at Arval, about the collaboration with Azets.


“Azets is truly outstanding! I have never had such a great setup as we have with Azets, both in terms of quality and personal contact.“



Arval's main service is leasing cars to both businesses and individuals. As a company, Arval aims to contribute to green mobility through initiatives such as an electric vehicle policy and new mobility products. We spoke with Johanna Airas, HR Manager at Arval, about the collaboration with Azets.

What does Azets help you with?

Azets assists us with our payroll management and provides advice on payroll matters. Azets' payroll specialists also help us interpret collective agreements, especially when they need to be amended or renewed. We feel that we get a lot for the money we invest in this collaboration. People often think that payroll is simple, but in my experience, it is truly a complex area where you need to be meticulous and understand all the connections, salary components, and laws that come into play. We are pleased to receive the specialized assistance needed in this area.





Johanna Airas, HR Manager at Arval.

How do you experience the collaboration?

I have worked in HR for almost 10 years and have had contact with outsourcing companies through previous workplaces. Azets is truly outstanding. I have never had such a great setup as I have now with Azets, both in terms of the level and quality of services and the personal contact with our payroll specialists. I am so pleased with how smoothly everything works.

Why did you choose to outsource your payroll administration?

Arval was founded in 2015, and we have been a customer of Azets since the beginning. We are part of a larger group of Nordic companies where most have chosen to use Azets' services, so for Arval, it was a natural choice.

From an HR perspective, it is challenging when you are a smaller company with 65 employees and need to ensure that the person in the in-house payroll function is always available, and what to do during that person's sick leave or vacation. Therefore, outsourcing payroll is a very good solution, while still having access to specialized expertise.

Would you recommend others to work with Azets?

Yes, absolutely. Not only because we are so satisfied with the services we use but also

because there is a significant focus on digital solutions. I attended an Azets customer event myself, and you could feel that Azets is investing in digitalization, which is really fantastic!


About Arval

Arval's primary service is car leasing, catering to both businesses and private individuals. As a company, Arval aims to contribute to sustainable mobility through initiatives such as electric vehicle policies and innovative mobility products.






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