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Since 2012, Kajakspecialisten has chosen to outsource all its accounting work to Azets. Here, Magnus Fischer, founder of Kajakspecialisten, shares insights into the collaboration with Azets.


"I can dedicate more time to the core business."


What does Azets help you with?

Azets helps us with all our accounting: annual reports, VAT, tax, reconciliations, and declarations. I personally register my invoices, but I don't have the time to delve into accounting, so I let Azets handle it to ensure that the work is done correctly, says Magnus Fischer, founder of Kajakspecialisten.


Magnus Fischer, Founder of Kajakspecialisten

How do you experience the collaboration?

The collaboration works really well with my contact person at Azets. He ensures that everything is done on time, and I never have to ask anything because he reaches out well in advance. He has found a way to involve me that works just for me, where he is clear and keeps things organized, allowing me to avoid thinking about the accounting.


Why have you chosen to seek help?

Since we don't have the time or expertise to do the accounting ourselves, it would have become a significant stress factor for us, and I would have been worried about making mistakes. With Azets and my contact person, I feel confident that everything is done correctly and on time. Instead, I can dedicate my time to the core business, which is what I want and can do, says Magnus Fischer.


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About Kajakspecialisten

Kajakspecialisten aims to offer delightful paddling experiences with high-quality equipment by selling surfskis, surfski clothing, and accessories through their physical store and online shop. They also provide training sessions where national team paddlers teach paddle techniques. Since 2012, Kajakspecialisten has chosen to outsource all its accounting work to Azets.



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