Outsourcing was an easy choice for Ellevio

Outsourcing was an easy choice for Ellevio

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”It can be very sensitive to build and maintain an entirely internal finance function with all processes and competencies since significant person dependencies easily arise. So, for us, it was an easy decision to outsource.


After the spin-off from Fortum, Ellevio faced the challenge of procuring its own systems and services in areas such as finance, payroll, and HR. Ellevio was looking for a cost-effective holistic solution where they could plug into standardized processes and not have to reinvent the wheel themselves. That's where Azets came into the picture.



Anna-Karin Käck, CFO at Ellevio

- As a company, we have a quite strong outsourcing strategy, and working with a shared service for financial services, payroll services, and HR administration, commonly known as 'shared service,' is an approach we are accustomed to from our previous experience within the Fortum Group," says Anna-Karin Käck, CFO at Ellevio.

It can be very sensitive to build and maintain an entirely internal finance function with all processes and competencies since significant person dependencies easily arise. So, for us, it was an easy decision to outsource.

The primary advantages of outsourcing are the ability to spend more time on what is essential for the specific company, rather than developing processes and routines that are generic for most businesses. Our organization should excel in operating the power grid business. We should not excel in tasks such as scanning invoices, managing accounts payable, or calculating salaries; there are others who are experts in that. Therefore, we have sought the assistance of Azets.

What was important when you chose a supplier?

- We wanted to purchase standardized systems and services that adhered to 'best practice.' We were looking for a cost-effective solution and considered the whole picture. It was essential for us to be able to plug into someone else's processes and not have to reinvent the wheel ourselves. Azets matched the requirements we set in our procurement, and based on our evaluation criteria, Azets was simply the best option. They could offer a good balance between meeting system functionality requirements and delivery capability in relation to price.

What does Azets help you with?

- It is a quite extensive and broad scope of deliveries. In finance, we receive assistance with everything from scanning, accounts payable, asset registers, payments, some miscellaneous invoicing, ongoing accounting, and preparation of VAT and employer declarations. We also purchase system services in the form of an analysis/reporting tool, system support for budgeting and forecasting, and purchase order management. In payroll and HR, we receive assistance with payroll management and expense reports; we have also implemented an HR system.

Do you experience any time savings?

- Yes, and that is also part of the purpose. Both concerning having backup personnel that are challenging for us to have, and also the fact that we have chosen a single supplier for everything. Suppose we had procured a budgeting tool from one party and an analysis tool from another party. In that case, we would have had multiple suppliers communicating with each other, putting us in a situation where we act as intermediaries and have to spend time interpreting.

Therefore, part of our strategy was to try to package as much as possible to have only one counterpart to communicate with. Fortunately, we ended up with the same supplier in both finance and payroll, where Azets internally can communicate with each other, and we avoid acting as intermediaries.

How is it to work in the customer portal Azets Cozone?

- We use quite a few applications in Azets Cozone, and we can access all of them with a single login. It is a significant advantage to have everything under one roof, especially when introducing new users to our systems.

What are you particularly satisfied with?

- Naturally, you want to be met by a proactive organization that is solution-oriented. I think we have a good collaboration where Azets always works to find solutions that work for both parties. I find that positive.

As a customer, we have some specific requirements. Azets handles this well, and we think it's great that everyone wants the best and has a positive and solution-oriented attitude, where you collectively try to find ways to move forward. We think that has worked well, both in how we conducted the implementation project and ongoing in operation.

The fact that Azets and Ellevio are also companies of similar size, I believe, facilitates our interaction because we can meet on an equal level and both have relatively short decision-making paths. I think that has been a good match.



About Ellevio

Ellevio owns, operates, and develops regional and local electricity grids, distributing electricity to over 930,000 customers in Sweden.


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