What are the benefits of using interim resources?

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Working conditions have become more difficult in the country’s HR departments, where work is being done to secure the company’s talent pool. It has become more difficult and much more resource-intensive to retain, attract and recruit talented staff. In this article, we focus on the benefits of using interim resources, or temporary workers, that can constitute a flexible workforce.

Interim means temporary or provisional. But what does interim mean when it comes to the labour market, staffing and recruitment? You’ll often encounter terms like interim assistance and interim management here. Interim assistance means that you hire a professional consultant/worker for a limited period of time to perform a specific assignment or fill a (sudden) vacancy in the company. Interim management means that you hire a manager or a leader for a temporary period, possibly until the permanent vacancy is filled.


Competition for key workers

Today, we’re seeing competing companies chasing each other’s key workers like never before. That’s why it’s becoming more and more common for companies to face situations in which key workers suddenly disappear, leaving a void that can be difficult for the organisation to fill right here and now.

If an employee leaves the company, it may be tempting to distribute their assignments among the staff remaining with the organisation. This may be possible if the assignments are smaller and short-term, but that means that most companies leave little scope for new assignments and unexpected events in their staff calendars.

That said, it’s far from certain that someone within the organisation will have the necessary skills to do the job. So in this case, the company may need to quickly hire an external interim resource who has the right skills and experience.

A more modern view of an interim resource is a worker who’s a permanent employee of one company but who actually works for another company. As a company, you might need extra resources for a time, or you might place an interim resource with a client that you work for.


Interim resources for peak times and changes

Interim resources are typically used during peak times, or when a key worker has resigned or is on sick leave. When the company has come up with a permanent solution, the interim resource goes back into their own organisation until the next on-site assignment.

This person can be used for operational assignments, as well as for development and management at various levels in connection with changes in the company, the implementation of new technology or organisational changes in the event of acquisitions and mergers, for example.

Interim management has evolved from being used in crisis situations, to take on more of a leadership position during major changes in a company that needs decision-making skills and the right experience for the job.

At the same time, more companies choose interim resources and specialists for assignments if they don’t have the financial resources to take someone on full-time. Then the company can hire an interim consultant part-time that works for a longer time period.


What are the benefits of using interim resources?

When you hire an interim consultant, you avoid expensive staff costs like pension, vacation, sick leave and education. A company would only pay for the actual hours that the consultant works, which often turns out to be more efficient than hiring a full-time employee.

A company won't need to think about skill development or further education for their employees as the interim consultant is already up-to-date when it comes to laws and regulations. That in turn leads to high expertise and quality work.

Furthermore, the work is always done. If the interim consultant would quit their employment, the vendor finds you a new consultant on short notice to step in. Also, you avoid the risk of having an employee that's not a perfect match, as an interim consultant can be replaced.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is interim management?

Interim management is a global term used when companies and organisations take on strong, experienced management profiles on temporary contract terms.

What are the benefits of hiring a interim resource?

There are a lot of benefits. As a company you can avoid some cost that are associated with having permanent employees and you get better flexibility in things such as part-time tasks. You can also feel secure in that there is always someone there to get the job done.

Why are interim resources effective?

Interim resources are effective as they’re objective and results-oriented specialists who aren’t bound by internal social relations and hierarchy, but can concentrate on the assignment that they’re working on.


Why are interim resources effective?

One of the most obvious advantages of using interim solutions, be it interim assistance or interim management, is that the resources in question are objective and results-oriented specialists who aren’t bound by internal social relations and hierarchy, but can concentrate on the assignment that they’re working on.

As well as having a more flexible organisation and access to high-level professional expertise, the advantage of taking on an interim resource from a company that offers the service in question as its core business is that the resource can quickly draw on knowledge and support from colleagues with the same knowledge base and skills – in connection with peak periods or seasonal fluctuations, for example.

We see that an average interim placement lasts about six months. This is slightly below the European average, where an interim assignment is typically 10.5 months.


Ask for help

Does your company have the right skills? Growth places higher demands on skills in many parts of the business. Should you employ more people or ask for help? Don’t do things you don’t have the expertise for because the results won’t be good and you’ll probably spend far too much time on them.

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