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Hald & Tesch Brand AB

Customer case

Read about how Azets assists Hald & Tesch Brand AB with payroll administration.

Azets provides us with stability because we have access to an entire payroll team. That's something we can't afford to have in-house.


Since choosing to outsource payroll administration to Azets, Pär Hedlund, CFO at Hald & Tesch Brand, has experienced more order and structure. With an entire payroll team as backup, the dependence on specific individuals disappeared, leading to increased stability and quality in administration.

Previously, the company had tried both managing payroll internally and outsourcing it to a smaller consulting firm. Both solutions became heavily dependent on specific individuals, and errors in payroll were common, resulting in dissatisfaction among employees. The former CFO needed to find a different solution and chose to continue outsourcing payroll but to a larger consulting firm to reduce vulnerability.

 Löneservice Hald & Tesch Brand

Pär Hedlund, CFO at Hald & Tesch Brand

When I started as the CFO, my predecessor had just decided to switch from the small payroll consulting firm to getting assistance from Azets, says Pär Hedlund. I entered the picture right in the middle of the transition and was quite anxious. Before the first payroll, I thought, 'I wonder if there will be any salaries.' But it went fantastically well, thanks to everyone involved. The handover truly worked seamlessly. Azets provides us with stability because we now have an entire payroll team at our disposal, and that's something we can't afford to have in-house.


What is included in the service?

Azets assists with payroll administration, including tasks such as travel expenses, per diems, time reports, wellness benefits, and commissions - something that can sometimes be quite complicated, according to Pär himself.

We have rather complex salaries with a lot to keep track of. For example, we have three different commission systems, and we get help to ensure that it is correct, says Pär. Even though the data comes from me, it's crucial that it's accurate, as a significant part of the salary is variable. In my role as CFO, there's also some HR work involved, and I can get advice on personnel matters. With Azets, we get order and structure and a good sounding board.


How does the collaboration between you and Azets work?

The collaboration between me and our consultant is top-notch. I have no thoughts of changing the supplier, says Pär. There are never any errors when the final salary is sent out. We have gotten to know each other and know how and what we should deliver, and we have found ways to do this together. Our consultant is good at providing me with information about new rules that are good to know.


How does working in the Azets Cozone customer portal function?

With GDPR, we are not allowed to communicate via email, so all data transfer and communication between me and Azets happen through the customer portal, says Pär. I report travel expenses, time reports, and commissions. I work a lot with Cozone and find it works well and is user-friendly.


Are you satisfied with the service? Why?

Azets consultants are proactive and inform us about things that are good to know, such as new laws and regulations, says Pär. Azets comes and suggests what to do, and that is highly appreciated. A positive change is that before Azets came into the picture, there was a lot of complaints from our employees because there was a lot that could go wrong in payroll management. But now, there's a very positive atmosphere around salaries from our staff.




About Hald & Tesch Brand
Hald & Tesch Brand AB is a comprehensive provider of fire safety solutions. The company was founded in 1875 and has been working in fire safety since the 1950s. They operate nationwide with their headquarters in Skarpnäck, Stockholm. In total, the company has approximately 50 employees, including over 20 technicians who travel around to service and maintain fire safety equipment for businesses.



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