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Framtidens ekonomi- och lönefunktion | 04.04.2024

by Azets Sverige

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Azets is a leading provider of accounting and payroll services, where we have assisted various types of companies, from small businesses to large corporations. We have compiled five advantages of choosing Azets as your partner for both your financial and payroll management. 


1. Save Costs by 25-40%

An outsourced solution saves costs in various ways. Firstly, the need for in-house personnel for companies decreases, as well as system costs since Azets provides the necessary systems. Additionally, Azets can keep its costs down due to our investments in digitization, where manual labor is phased out in favor of automated solutions. Our nearshoring operations also help keep costs down for manual tasks that are difficult to automate. Control and communication take place in Sweden where your contacts are also located. With these means, we have helped companies save costs by 25-40%.


2. Flexibility and Best Practices 

Through many years of experience, we have developed processes around how work is best conducted. The processes are standardized, allowing you to benefit from cost-effectiveness. Besides that, you can quickly and easily adjust the scope of the services you receive from us when there are changes within your company. This way, you avoid periods of lower productivity and can quickly accelerate during expansions.  


3. Nordic Solutions

Operate in multiple countries? Azets can assist you with the entire payroll administration in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. All work is done through our own companies, not through partners, and our services and systems look the same in all Nordic countries. With our local presence in the countries, we have knowledge of the laws and regulations applicable in each country.


4. Expertise

Our experience and knowledge are highly valued qualities when we handle challenges for our clients. You gain access to expert competencies and professional, often certified, accounting and payroll consultants who are always up-to-date on new laws and regulations.

5. Simplify Your Workday with Azets' Digital Systems 

Azets Cozone is our cloud-based customer portal where you can access all information in one place, whether it's related to finance or payroll. We have applications for managing, among other things: 

  • Time reporting, vacation planning, and pay stubs 
  • Travel expenses and reimbursements 
  • Incoming and outgoing invoices 
  • Reporting 

If you have other business systems, they are also welcome to join the Cozone family, so that you can have everything placed in a single portal. 


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