A Smarter Electronic Mileage Log

A Smarter Electronic Mileage Log

With Azets Expense, you can stop manually reporting car trips.

Eliminate Manual Reporting of Business Trips

Connect your electronic mileage logs to Azets Expense, and all trips will be imported daily. The digital mileage log captures all car trips, from A to B to C, and sends this information to Azets Expense on a daily basis. This means fewer inaccuracies that the administration needs to address before each month-end, and your employees no longer have to manually report car trips.


Automatic Import

Stop manual reporting when it can be done automatically. With Azets Expense's integration with leading mileage logs on the market, daily and automatic reporting takes place.


Compliance with all Requirements

The Azets Expense app complies with the Swedish Tax Agency's requirements for reporting car trips and automatically keeps track of all journeys and infrastructure fees, including congestion charges.


Everything in One App

With Azets Expense's integration with electronic mileage logs, you can gather expense claims, travel expenses, allowances, and mileage logs all in one place. One app, one report, one approval. Convenient, right?

Azets Expense Digitala Körjournal

Three Steps, and You're Done!

1. Reading the Driving Distance

The car is equipped with a GPS receiver that automatically detects when a trip starts and ends.

2. Transfer of Information

The electronic mileage log saves the date, time, and driving distance and then transfers the trip information to Azets Expense daily.

3. Reporting

In the app, the employee easily selects which trips should be included in the expense report and then submits them for approval.


Wide Compatibility with Mileage Logs

With support and integration capabilities for various mileage logs such as TelliQ, Automile, Telia Sense, and Volvo On Call, you can be confident that every mile will be accurately recorded and automatically allocated in Azets Expense.

Telliq stöd för Azets Expense

Volvo On Call stöd för Azets Expense

Azets Expense stöd för Automile

Azets Expense stöd för Telia Sense

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