Azets scanning facility

Email your invoices to us


Azets scanning facility in Fagersta can receive invoices that are sent via e-mail.

For proper handling of invoices sent by e-mail, the following requirements apply:

  • The invoice must be in PDF or TIF file format
  • Only ONE invoice per attachment (ie multiple-page invoices must be in a single attachment file)
  • Multiple attachments in one and the same e-mail are handled provided they have different names
  • The recipient's invoice address must be on the invoice, just as on physical invoices sent by mail
  • Running text in the email will not be processed
  • The total size of the e-mail, including attachments, must not exceed 20 Mb
  • The file name must contain only letters a-z and numbers
  • The invoice should be included as an attachment to the e-mail

You should have received an email address with information regarding where you can send the invoice - if you lack this information, you can contact us here.