Is your company truly digital?


Congratulations! You can proudly say that your company is digital


You have the mindset, the culture, the people, the systems and administration, the capacity and the technology in place. You have budgets and resource to put actions behind words and realize your digital strategy. Surely, no company is perfectly digital, but at least you have come a long way and created yourself a competitive edge.

Your company is on the path towards digital, but you are not quite there yet.


You have started on a journey towards modernizing and digitalizing parts of your business -  ultimately creating a more efficient business. However, you are quite far from embracing a culture, mindset and workflow driven by digital. Some of your manual and time-consuming tasks and processes should and could probably be automated, so you can spend more time developing and nurturing your core business.

The digital maturity of your company is very low – we recommend that you take action.


Based on your answers, you do not seem to have a digital culture, plans, mindset and workflow in place. Perhaps doing business the way you have always done it suits you quite well today. However, we strongly recommend you to consider modernizing your tasks and processes and utilize the digital potential to become more efficient. Competition out there is increasingly fierce, and companies need to find ways of working smarter to stay competitive and continue to develop their business.

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