Azets Expense credit card connection

Azets Expense credit card connection

Connect your company credit cards to Azets Expense - we'll take care of the rest.

Get digital receipts and card transactions for all your business cards

Using Azets Expense credit card connection, you can couple your business card with ease and ensure that receipts and credit card transactions are automatically reported and uploaded to the cloud at the time of purchase. Your financial department will thank you and you'll spend less time than searching for receipts in bags or jackets.

The manual administration you and your wage department had to handle monthly will be far gone. In addition, inaccuracies are avoided and fewer hours needs to be spent on repairing expense reports.

Expenses reported automatically

Azets Expense ensures that no purchase goes unregistered, meaning less time spent looking for your receits as they have already been uploaded when the credit card was swiped.

Wide range of compatible cards

Private- and company cards can be used with Azets Expense - without any need to involve your bank or sending complicated forms. Connect your credit card and start purchasing. It's that easy.

Automatic connection to your card invoice

Automatic connection
to your card invoice

Automatic expense reports

Automatic expense reports

Up-to-date exchange rate

exchange rate 


Automatic account distribution

account distributions

Kortkoppling direkt till Azets Expense i enkla 5 steg

This is how it works:

1. Card purchases

A connected company card is used to make a purchase with the company card. The transaction is sent to Azets Expense nightly.

2. Expenses are created

The transaction automatically creates an expense and the user takes a photo of the receipt in the Azets Expense-app.

3. An invoice is created

A report is created automatically and all transactions for the invoice period are locked to the report.

4. Report submitted

When the bank provides the invoice for the period, the user can submit their report, which will match the invoice.

5. Posted and clear

The report is automatically posted with complete documentation and matching expenses to the company card invoice.

Azets Expense - compatible with most banks

Stöd för SEB med Azets Expense
Stöd för Danske Bank med Azets Expense
Azets Expense har stöd för EuroCard
Azets Expense har stöd för First Card
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