Automate your travel expense reports and expenses

Automate your travel expense reports and expenses

Azets Expense is a smart service for travel expense reports that automates most stages, minimises the risk of manual error and saves you time.

Simplify how you handle expenses and travel expense reports

Azets Expense will simplify the way expenses and travel expense reports are handled for our customers and their employees. The employee can report all of their receipts, allowances and mileage via an app in their mobile or computer. Employees can photograph their receipts using their mobiles. Receipts are then automatically decoded and imported to the accounting system, making it easy for managers to approve expenses. The system offers many benefits, one of the most important being that you the customer get a simple, smart service that automates several stages. Furthermore, the risk of manual error is reduced and the time saving is considerable.

Time saving


Less administration


Fewer errors


Report expenses on the go

Report receipts, card purchases, allowances, entertainment and mileage in a single app. All in one place.

Report expenses immediately after the purchase. Submit expenses for authorisation. The authoriser approves the report via mobile phone. Everything is recorded in the accounts automatically. Quick and easy!

The app automatically analyses the receipt and extracts the necessary information. This means that the app does most of the work for you. All you have to do is check and submit it.

More enjoyable
A digital solution that is self-learning, and automatic, and helps you to do the right thing. Quite simply it makes reporting travel expenses more enjoyable.


Mobil vy

Simple to authorise

Manage all reports from your mobile phone or computer. Review and approve reports wherever you are. Reduce the expenses process by 65%.

Receive notifications on your mobile, computer or smart watch when there are new reports to manage or authorise. 

Review and authorise reports directly via mobile phone or computer. Forward for payment and accounting. 

Quick and easy to gain an overview of all reports. Everything is in one place. Sort, filter, search. 


Connect your company card to Azets Expense and spend less time searching for receipts in various jacket pockets and link your electronic mileage tracker to Azets Expense and avoid errors in your driving journal.

Azets Expense electronic mileage tracking

Connect your electronic mileage trackers to Azets Expense and there will be no more manual inputs! Replace paper logs and mailing with a automated digital solution that imports and reports on any trip.

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Azets Expense Company card connection

Make expense management even simpler by connecting your company cards to Azets Expense. All purchases made with a registered card are automatically logged and reported.

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How it works

Tåg   Buy a train ticket for a business trip.

Take a photo or forward the digital receipt directly to the app.

Mobil   The receipt is automatically analysed. Save the expense and submit.
Check mark  

The manager approves the expense and the money is disbursed.

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Download our folders and share them with your colleagues and managers.

Reduces payment times

Azets Expense makes it possible for employees to receive their payments quicker. The simplicity of the app and online portal, together with the fact that the report is submitted digitally, speeds up the process. The authoriser of the report is sent e-mail or text notifications if there are any new reports to approve. Once the report is approved, it is sent to the accounts department. 

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