Azets helps Medhelp to focus on its core business

MedHelp AB is northern Europe’s largest privately owned healthcare consultancy and has outsourced its finance department and payroll services to Azets since early 2002.

Background and needs
MedHelp has long chosen not to build up its own finance and HR departments and instead focuses wholeheartedly on its core business. Employing staff, installing systems and organising training in those systems require a lot of time and resources, not just in the beginning but on an ongoing basis. This is why finance, accounting and invoicing have been outsourced. Payment of taxes and fees is still handled internally by MedHelp, but these tasks will also be outsourced in the long run.

MedHelp is northern Europe’s largest privately owned healthcare consultancy, with approximately 270 employees, including approximately 150 in Sweden. The business comprises healthcare advice for the general public and notification of illness or recovery from illness for companies and organisations. The high number of employees, varying work hours and different types of contract place tough demands on payroll management and administration.

Solution and result
Since 2002 MedHelp has outsourced its payroll, invoicing and accounting services to Azets. In addition to ongoing services such as payroll management and VAT reporting, MedHelp regularly seeks expert advice from Azets’ authorised accounting and payroll consultants on budgetary and tax matters.


“We’ve chosen not to build up our own finance and HR departments, and instead we’re focusing wholeheartedly on our core business.”

“Over the years that Azets and MedHelp have been working together, we have continuously striven to develop and streamline the services,” says Lennart Persson, finance manager at MedHelp AB. “One ongoing project is the digitalisation of manual work stages and processes. One case in point is the digitalisation of the sales and purchases ledgers, which has generated major time and environmental savings. The next item on the agenda for the collaboration is the introduction of a new budget system.

“Our collaboration has lasted so long because Azets is receptive to what we want, while also advising us on how we can perform tasks better. We receive good support and skilled advice,” says Persson. “One useful tool is the Azets customer portal, CoZone. This is where flows of data files, basic data and reports are digitalised and automated, and MedHelp’s customer services and supervisors can easily access reports and search for documents and invoices. For business purchases, MedHelp uses the integrated purchasing portal, which has pre-negotiated prices on thousands of items, saving both time and money.”

Anna-Karin Käck
CFO, Ellevio

“We were looking for a cost-effective solution and we considered the bigger picture. It was important for us to be able to tap into someone else’s processes and not to have to reinvent the wheel.”