Coronavirus: Preventive measures and activities

Updated at: June 4th 2020
For information in Swedish

An updated list of measures and activities carried out by Azets to maintain our delivery capacity and to minimize the risks associated with the coronavirus. Azets Business Continuity Plan has been activated by the management team.

At Azets, we are closely monitoring the development surrounding the coronavirus disease outbreak. As a large business, we have a responsibility to protect our customers, our employees and society as a whole.

We have initiated several steps and activities, to make sure that we do everything in our powers to prevent further spreading of the virus. We are continuously following the updated guidelines from local authorities.

Azets has prepared thorough Business Continuity Plans, both on local and group level. We have activated internal committees working specifically with the task of managing the development and taking the necessary measures. The management team has been properly trained for these kinds of situations. 

Azets has previously prepared so all employees have access to a modern IT infrastructure and digital equipment required to work efficiently and securely from home.

Our working processes and routine are standardized. This enables our teams to work efficiently across customers, while being less dependent on individuals. We always have access to solid backup, and the ability to utilize resources across the organization whenever needed.

Based on Azets’ BCP and the recent development, the following steps have been enforced:

From March 19, the Public Health Agency of Sweden is recommending all people who can work from home to do so. As a consequence, a majority of Azets’ employees are working from home. We do not foresee that this will have any effect on our delivery capacity at the moment.

Azets has imposed temporary business travel restrictions for all our employees. All air travel, both domestic and abroad, should be avoided. All employees that have been visiting defined risk areas must stay home for at least 14 consecutive days before returning to the office. The restrictions also apply to employees whose family members have visited risk areas.

Our employees are encouraged to video or telephone meetings with external parties instead of physical meetings. All guests arriving at our locations must confirm that they have not been abroad the past 14 days to get access.

All employees are given instructions on good hand and cough etiquette to minimize spreading. Hand sanitizers are available in all offices

This article will be continuously updated. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Anders Fryxell, Managing Director at Azets Insight AB, or phone
+46 (0)10-457 50 00.