Measures and activities for reducing the risks associated with the coronavirus pandemic

Updated at: April 28th, 2021

Here we bring together information about measures and activities Azets is putting in place to maintain delivery and minimise the risks related to coronavirus. We do not currently see any major impact on our capacity to deliver services and customer support.

Azets’ corporate management is well aware that coronavirus could affect our business operations and not least our employees, customers and society in general. We are closely monitoring developments, following Swedish authorities’ recommendations and taking the appropriate measures.

Business continuity plan
Azets has a business continuity plan for unforeseen events similar to the one we find ourselves in now. The plan was activated in February. Azets’ management has also previously undergone training in the event of a pandemic.

Dedicated work groups at local and central level
Dedicated work groups, both in Sweden and at group level, are charged with managing developments and taking the necessary measures. The team at group level comprises our CEO, CITO, CHRO, CMO and Head of Risk & Compliance. The team aims to ensure that we continuously and systematically monitor the impact of coronavirus on our employees, customers and business operations.

Standardised work processes and procedures
Our work processes and procedures are standardised, which makes us less dependent on particular individuals and less vulnerable. This means that our customer team can work effectively with different customers. We have organised ourselves in such a way as to ensure backup and that we can allocate resources when needed.

Our employees are working from home
Azets has already made preparations so that all employees have access to the modern IT infrastructure and equipment required to work efficiently and safely from home. On 19 March, the Public Health Agency of Sweden recommended that everyone in Sweden who has the opportunity do so should work from home. We are following this guideline, which means that the majority of Azets’ employees are working from home. At the moment, we do not see that this has any impact on our delivery capacity.

Travel restrictions
In order to minimise the spread of the virus, Azets introduced restrictions on domestic and international air travel at an early stage. These travel restrictions remain in place and will continue to apply while employees are working from home.
Our employees are encouraged to hold video or telephone meetings with internal and external parties.
All employees have been given instructions on good hand hygiene and coughing etiquette so as to minimise the spread of the virus. Hand sanitiser is also available in all of our offices.

This article will be continuously updated. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Helena Malmström, or phone
+46 (0)10-457 50 00.